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Über Josefina

It is very easy for me to take care of people as friends. I have been in the hospitality industry most of my working life. BB (before baby) I was Pastry Chef at an exclusive Heli- skiing Lodge in winter. Then during several summers, I was at the helm of my own kitchen at a Fly Fishing/ Horseback Riding Resort. I have had amazing opportunities in this life. But the heli- boarding doesn't even compare to my present adventures. My baby has just learned to walk and he is very, very busy. He parrots most of what I say and do. He is very sensitive, affectionate and just the joy of my life. I hope to give him the tools to be socially intelligent, to be comfortable with people- to expose him to different cultures and different ways of thinking. We look forward to meeting new friends during the 2010 Olympics.

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