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Über Johan

I am a 64 year old pensioner. Because I had too little to live from for the next 10 years I have decided to take what I have and invest it in property. I have built two of the planed four duplex townhouses. Three of the four duplexes I want to sell or rent out for an income, the fourth one I want to keep for myself. I would love to do some traveling once I have sold at least two of the townhouses. Myself and my wife love gardening and can't wait to move to nr. four town house and start planning and planting our new garden. We would love to spoil the soccer visiters and show them our Restuarants, Shopping Centres and Cacinos, or just inform them where to go and what to do, like advise them how to get to the "Kruger National Park" or the "Victoria Falls".

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