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Über Jessy

My name is Jessy and I'm an Integral Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Medecine student...I also work as an office sales manager for a British company from Brighton. I am currently traveling back and forward between my flat in Brighton UK and Hannover Germany, where my husband lives. I have been living in quite a few different countries all over the planet (incl. Germany, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia, Holland, UK...)...what can say, I just love getting around and meeting new people. What else...I speak 6 different languages, I love sports (I do streetdance, yoga and mountain biking), I am married to music (most of all Hip Hop music) and I spend a lot of time a rap gigs and poetry slams. My priority abroad is to see a city through the eyes of a local, that's why I appreciate to live with people who know their area. I am not a big fan of touristy things (apart from the obliging must-see/must-do lol), I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke and I can be quiet as a ninja if I need to :D I keep my space and stuff clean and always leave a room the way I found it. If you need to know anything else please don't hesitate to ask...I am very looking forward meeting you in the near future :)

Bewertungen für den Gast Jessy

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    Jan 5.0 10.04.2013

    Nette Gäste, gerne wieder.

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    Christian 5.0 13.09.2011

    super fröhlicher und sympathischer gast. dabei sehr zuverlässig und verbindlich!! freu mich auf ein wiedersehen :)

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