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Über Jaques

I am situated in the northern part of Pretoria, in a suburb called Hartbeesfontein. I am 34 years of age and a radio amateur for 17 years. I had a strong believe in digital communication and never became a full licence operator because of morse code until about 4 years ago. My moto was always "Why do I need to be qualified in 1 bit per second data transfer while I can surf the world on 100 megabits". But since then I have join the full licence operators because I realize that I must join the hobby and not fight it. Now, 4 years later, morse has been cancelled as a part of a full licence. I am very active in building and setting up BBS' and IRLP nodes. I was the first in Africa to install an IRLP node,Node 8400, and are currently maintaining Node 8999 and was actively involved in nodes 8300, 8500 8455 and 8427

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