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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt belgirate
Alter 50 Jahre

Über Ignazio

I love my lake and sailing on it. I love the house in which I live that once was an ancient Hotel in 1800 and which belongs to my family since 1897. Unfortunately I move from here for work during the week, but still I am on the water of a lake, (Lugano where I teach in the design School or in Como where I work, so it seems that having the water of a lake around me is a need ! Me and my wife decided to restore this apartament in 2011 and we are loving this experience of renting it giving to many families the opportunitiy to enjoy our nice lake. We normally do not interfere with the renters, but we are happy to help anyhow to give any usefull infomation and we are happy to hear the appreciation at the departure. In the house and in front of the house we have almost any type of floating media, if you are a sailor I will be plased to sail with you.

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