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Über Hanne

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Bewertungen für den Gast Hanne

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    Elisabeth 1.0 21.07.2016

    Hanne was un unreliable and unfriendly guest on the verge of arrogance and verbal aggression.
    She was very difficult to communicate with (not answering any emails), she arrived 2 hours before the planned check in without notice and immediately made a huge scene. She demanded the cleaning company (we work with a professional one) came 3 times (!!) in 7 days because she was never satisfied with their work. She sent plenty of sms and emails per day with all sorts of complains, some of them on the verge of surrealism, like the walls were not white enough (the flat was repainted 1 year before) and demanding I came back from my holiday to check them myself (despite explaining her that I was away celebrating my birthday and Eastern with my family).
    Despite our best will and a enormous effort in patience, Hanne didn't show at any point any interest in finding a solution to her complains and demands. She successfully ruined my holiday and her own holiday.
    An highly unrecommended guest.

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