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Stadt Seminyak
Alter 57 Jahre
Beruf Designer

Über Lou

A holiday is a wonderful thing, but typically a little too short. What if there was a way to make that holiday linger a little longer, stay with you for just a short time more, as if you had bottled it’s essence, infused that essence into a fragrant bath, then immersed yourself and allowed it to soak into your very being? That is the aim of Tropical Infusions, to leave a lingering scent in the nostrils, a taste on the tip of your tongue or a distant sound of water trickling over a waterfall. A memory held in the senses. Recognised as one of the world’s premiere holiday destinations, Bali is absorbed through all the senses. The tastes, touch, sounds, scents and sights seep through the very pores of the skin, infuse, merge and synthesize, combining different ideas and influences into a new whole. The Tropical Infusions Villas are designed to provide a sensual and memorable stay, and having infused into your being, to stay with you when your physical time here has finished. Bali Akasa Villa; 7 bedrooms, set in a mature, lush garden filled with frangipani trees in Seminyak. Bali Ginger Suites; 1 & 2 bedrooms boutique, chic and unique accommodation in the heart of Seminyak. Bali Ginger Villa; 2 bedrooms, accommodation blending antique Chinese houses with contemporary design,

Lou's Unterkünfte

Villa, Gesamte Unterkunft
Akasa Villa Private Luxury & Pool
0 Personen haben bei diesem Gastgeber übernachtet
Platz für 12
ab $531 pro Nacht
Wohnung, Privates Zimmer
Akasa Studio Your Secret Hideaway
0 Personen haben bei diesem Gastgeber übernachtet
Platz für 2
ab $91 pro Nacht
Villa, Gesamte Unterkunft
Stunning Bali Ginger Villa in Seminyak
0 Personen haben bei diesem Gastgeber übernachtet
Platz für 6
ab $136 pro Nacht