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Über Geraldine

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Bewertungen für den Gast Geraldine

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    Lennard 5.0 02.08.2014

    Geraldine and here friend were staying at my place for 4 pleasant days and I wouldn't have mind if they'd stayed longer.

    They are two very sweet girls who are friendly and social as well.
    It was fun and a pleasure having them in the house.
    In the morning they used their breakfast at home and at some days they came back in the evening to cook themselfes some dinner.
    They were respectfull in the house and always leaving the kitchen clean and fresh and one morning, because I forgot, they also emptied the dishwasher for me.
    After they left, the room looked clean and tidy and I would absolutely not hesitate to accept them again. So I recommend them to other hosts.
    Thank's for your great stay girls!!

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