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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt Raanana
Beruf Manager of 'Raanana Luxury Apartments'

Über Galit

Raanana Luxury Apartments – your home in Israel. Immediately as you arrive or even before… Every person has his own ‘home’. That’s why it’s important for me to find out right at the outset what a ‘home’ means for you, what is the purpose of your stay and what precisely you are looking for: is it a family visit, business travel, are you looking for a home while renovating yours or need somewhere to stay before you can move into your new apartment? This will help me find the most suitable home for you in size, location and budget. My experience As a software engineer I gained considerable experience in managing a large number of tasks while maintaining the highest quality in the finished product which is delivered to the customer. I developed good team working skills as well as good client service. Those skills continue to serve me when I decided to start my own business of Raanana Luxury Apartments.

Galit's Unterkünfte

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