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Stadt Tokyo
Beruf CEO


Hi, I'm Ken. Welcome to Japan!! I'm a friendly person and I've been living in Shinjuku for longer than 10 years. I can speak Japanese & English. I have many hobbies : Trip,Driving,Drinking,Eating,Work&Work,Talking,Singing. I've lived in Tokyo,Fukuoka,Shenzhen and Boston I had traveled to Thailand,China,Cambodia,Vietnam,America,UK,Ireland,BRD,Netherlands,Canada,Brazil,Argentina,Peru,Morocco,France,Denmark,Norway,Egypt,Koream,Turkey,Tibet,Czech Republic,Indonesia. A few years ago we traveled around the world with my children. Please feel free to contact me if you want any question for your stay. There are many nice & reasonable restaurants, cool & cute shops and amusements in Shinjuku. It's too many to mention. I can let you know the recommend place if you want to go anywhere. We often have a nice time with guests. If you will stay my place I can provide you any information. I can make a reservation instead of you If you need. For example...Restaurant, Beauty salon, Sightseeing, Tour information and more. Please feel free to ask me. Have a wonderful trip and Experiences !! I am really looking forward to seeing you !! Thanks, Ken

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