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I was born and raised in Istanbul. After completing my bachelors degree in fine arts in Istanbul, I moved to Boston, United States for 3 years and completed an MFA at Massachusetts College of Art. In 2003, I moved to NY and lived in the big city for 5 years working as a carpet designer, an artist and as a curator. I love arts, books, films, music, good food, traveling, yoga, nature, learning... books by...Orwell, Turgenev, Miller, Kundera, Calvino, Borroughs, Gorki, Camus, Murakami... movies by Jarmusch, Kubrick, Caro & Jeunet, Greenaway, Almodovar, Gilliam, Cohen Brothers, Woody Allen, Gondry, Jarman and more... ambient, trip hop, minimal tech house, folk, classical, jazz, and even some pop for example: Apparat, Archive, Arrovane, Bach, Bell&Sebastian, Bill Evans, Bjork, Boards of Canada, Bugge Wesseltoft, Cat Power, Cinematic Orchestra, Coco Rosie, The Cure.... vegetarian food is my favorite. Love Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Japanese cuisine... enjoyed traveling in India very much... can't wait to see South America... my dream is to have a home/studio by the sea one day. would like to learn more about perma culture and about healing herbs and plants... I like living environmentally conscious, respecting nature, being open minded, learning everyday, and try to experience life to the fullest...

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