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Über Deana

I was born in Epping, Essex, England. I have lived in different countries throughout my life. One of the most amazing places I have lived for 8 years of my life was Jakarta, Indonesia.. I opened a Kindergarten for expat children and had the opportunity to make wonderful friends from all over the world. On my return to England I opened up a dry cleaner’s, laundry service. I had this business for 22 years before I decided to sell it and pursue my husband and my dream of renovating a farmhouse in Italy, where we could let people come and enjoy our renovated farmhouse. So that is what we did 2 years ago, we sold our business in England & relocated to Cuneo, Piemonte Italy and started to renovate this run down farm house. It is now finished and we want people to Come and see what an amazing part of Italy this is, this is why we have joined 9flats.com to help people find us. We are looking forward to having you in our Farmhouse, which we call Villa Bergolo.

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