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Stadt Casale Monferrato
Alter 39 Jahre
Beruf Free Dreamer

Über Cristhian

Enjoy the wonder, the wonder that life is, the wonder that existence is, the wonder of the sun and the sunlight and the trees bathed in the golden rays. Experience it. Don´t put a question mark, let it be as it is." I live in a little lovely house beside to the city, in the nature. The house is just on the side of the city, 7 minutes from the historical centre but in the countryside! Normally I live alone, but often I have guests and friends. Some indipendent cats, live with me sometimes. But they eat, pee, and sleep outside. I'm in involved, in the city, while I'm not travelling around the world, about promoting art and culture. Look at the page of my association: www.serydarth.wordpress.com - and of what happen in the city: www.casaleattiva.wordpress.com