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Stadt Karlsruhe
Beruf Dr. Ing.

Über Christoph

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Bewertungen für den Gast Christoph

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    Jeanne 5.0 23.08.2011

    The Dill family were fantastic guests! They were friendly and outgoing and very complimentary about our home which meant a lot. They were extremely tidy, cleaning all their dishes and stripping the beds before they left which was lovely. We would be more than happy to have the Dills back next time they are in Scotland, and can highly recommend them to anyone as perfect guests.

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    Michael 5.0 14.08.2011

    I picked Christoph and his family up from the airport bus. He kept me informed of his arrival times including a delay, allowing me to avoid sitting in the rain for an hour.
    The whole family are lovely and were perfect guests. They even cleaned the dishes and stripped the beds at the end of their stay.
    I highly recommend Christoph and his family as guests.

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