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Stadt Firopotamos, Milos
Beruf artist, curator, historian, professor, film maker

Über christina

Christina Katrakis - artist, philanthropist, ambassador of good will, political, social & cultural ministerial advisor, "Freedom to Create Global Prize" winner, international project curator, writer, art collections and museum curator, film maker, professor & IAA president, TV personality, singer, photo model, public personality, royal princess and countess. Christina Katrakis is an internationally renown American artist. She served as the ambassador of good will in the "Freedom to Create" Global Project (UN mission). Katrakis also works as a producer, artist, art director, director and scriptwriter in a number of documentary films as well as the Hollywood productions. She is a TV personality, anchorwoman, photo model, singer and public persona. Katrakis holds the highest terminal degree in arts (MFA), she is a professor of arts and art history, private art collections and museum curator, writer, and the president of the International Academy of Arts. Katrakis is an international project curator and a "Freedom to Create" Global Prize winner. She is a political, social and cultural advisor and a chief international adviser to the minister of culture of Ukraine. Katrakis is a royal princess and a countess, she comes from a family with a rich heritage and background: maternal grandfather – last king of Georgia and Armenia (Bagrationi and Dadiani royal lines) and royal prince of Lithuania (YagailoGedimin royal line) – Simon Bagration Dadiani Gedimin Pilke, his grandmother on paternal line was Isabella of Savoy from royal family of Savoy kings of Piemonte and Sardinia. Maternal grandmother – the countess of Poland and Ukraine, granddaughter of countess Evelina Hanska the wife of Honoré de Balzac.

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