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Über Charmaine

I'm on a sabatical and have been at home for a few months pottering in the garden and doing a few renovations. I have 3 sons. The older 2 boys are at university. My youngest child is 10 years old and keeps me busy. My home - Middlevalley is up for complete (no sharing required) rental for the entire duration of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. During this period the house is the guests "own" and no sharing is neccassay as I will be away. All my personal belongings will be placed in storage. The house and guests will be looked after and serviced by an experienced housekeeper who lives on the property. As this is our family home, every possible appliance, crockery or cutlery is provided for and linen etc. As it is a home, we would want guests who would treat it as such - to enjoy it and to take the neccessary care of our possessions. I would prefer a rental for a full month - covering the world cup. The rate for the month would be highly negotiable.

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