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Über Celeste

I'm an Aries, 38 yrs old with an "alternative/natural" outlook on life, I'm also a Metal Pig according to Chinese astrology, I'm fairly serious in life, we only have this limited period to neutralize Karma, but that doesn't mean I don't have a "naughty but nice" streak in me... hehe. AND I LOVE SUSHI !!! I'm a mom of 3 and love my kids dearly! I'm NOT a "typical" wife..... but I AM the best Life-Partner my hubby could ever have... (ask him, you'll see... hehe). Being a "Spiritual Sexologist/Life Coach" by "life purpose" (or profession), I'm a "truth" finder by nature and I don't judge what I find, I study it, learn from it and utilize what works for me, when it works for me. I like pushing the boundries and finding out whats on the other side, if I survive, I bring back that information and share it with as many who want to know, to the Greater Good of mankind.... I don't believe in "right or wrong" per say... but more like "what serves or does not serve" in life. I have many Mentors, across many diverse aspects of life. I'm usually the one who is willing to go where no one else wants to, and help those who need to go, through those situations! by just "being" there as a life line to sanity, if need be! I do believe that the only attitude should be Gratitude, and that puts everything into perspective! I'm an AVID entrepeneur and Buisness Owner, a GREAT hostess at our "Breena BnB Guest House, Luxury Accommodation just 2 mins from the Johannesburg International Airport!" When travelling, come try out our South African hospitality.... it will be an experience for you to remember with fondness and appreciation!

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