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Stadt Lisbon
Alter 0 Jahre
Beruf Happiness Operative Officer

Über Carla

Hi, I'm Carla! How are you? :-) I live in Lisbon, and I have been to other places of the world too, as I love traveling, meeting new people, learning new languages, seeing new places... What I remember the most about my travels is the people I met and how they were kind to me and helped everytime I needed. And I would like to do the same for you! I love to get people to know my fantastic city, and I will be available to help and make you feel like you have a second home, here. So, if you have the chance, wait no further. Lisbon is being voted best destination for travel year after year, and I will be most glad to help you find out why! :-) I speak english, french, portuguese, spanish and catalan, feel free to write me in any of these languages.