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I'm an artist. My home's a giant gallery, and a summer camp for adults. Around here, there's an infinite amount of intriguing objects for you to peruse and ponder. There's also an infinite amount of work to be done - for me - to preserve & revive a hundred-year old, imperfect but beautiful wood “creature.” That makes sure some projects are always at the half-way point. I also have a business, so I work a Lot, mostly around here, usually on the laptop, & sometimes in pajamas. I'm kind of a hippy, and definitely an egalitarian humanist pinko leftycrat - but wait, there's more! - as founder of America's largest fake institute, at American FamilyHappily.com and AFHI.us, I can get you into the history books - guaranteed! (only if you wanna be) However, like most artists, I don't mix well with social conservatives (my artwork satirizes 'family values' think tanks). Hanging out or chatting from time to time with guests is fun - depending on our mutual moods & schedules. Mostly I’m pretty quiet but content. It's kind of a big house - many nooks & spaces, so several people can feel private, free & easy even while working or relaxing separately. I grew up in the hinterlands but have been here 23 years - happy to share suggestions or information about the city, or the joints to eat or hang out in right nearby. We’re located in a peaceful hidden spot surprisingly about a half hour from the heart of Boston. But there's also plenty of restaurants, and several types of 'things to do' - even actual nightlife - in about ten minutes' drive or 20 minutes biking. In walking distance, there’s the bus (to those things and to Boston and more), the beach, a long ocean walk, some woods, a convenience store, the post office, a pizza place, and peace… Je parle un peu de francais mais pas si vite, pas si bon!

Bewertungen für Be's Unterkünfte

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    Dirk 3.0 17.08.2013

    Die Kommunikation klappt einwandfrei. Alles wie zugesagt.
    Aufgrund der Lage ist es von Vorteil, ein Auto zu haben.

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Bewertungen für den Gastgeber Be

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    Dirk 5.0 17.08.2013

    Die Gastgeberin ist sehr hilfsbereit und sehr nett.
    Die Unterkunft wieder würde ich auch wieder nehmen.

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