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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt Makati
Alter 60 Jahre
Beruf Bizu Groupe

Über Annabel

My name is Annabel and I am an entrepreneur in the culinary field. Which really means that I create Brands , We incubate them until it is ready to be sold in the market. I love to travel to different exotic places and learn the different Cultures of the world. I am into self help internet programs like Ted talks , Jean Houston, and Clair Summit only because I get to learn how other people think which brings me to improve on how I think of the world and of people. I love to travel and because of this, I realize that people who loves to travel is in constant search of places to stay for a short while. The place has to be first of all safe, Clean, and also accessible to transportation and convenient stores and restaurants. This is the very reason why I decided to convert my two apartments to serve travellers looking for safe , clean , and accessible places to stay. I love to help you with whatever you need to make your stay in the Philippines exciting and memorable. As what they all say, Its really more fun in the Philippines

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