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Stadt Kuala Lumpur
Beruf Real Estate Agnet

Über Ammar

Hi ! :) I'm Ammar. I was born in United Kingdom but being raised up in this colorful country called Malaysia. I have been traveling to many wonderful countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Cambodia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, and more. Anyone of you from there, my friends? :) Why I love traveling so much? ✈ Two complete strangers can have a conversation as if they have been friends for years, simply amazing, huh? ✈ I love making friends, and I love the feeling of being a local in any countries. ✈ I really appreciate my friends' sincere hospitality when I visited their homeland. So, I guess it's time for me to payback. Let me serve you the Malaysian Hospitality :) See you in Kuala Lumpur ! p/s : I'm also a real estate agent, focusing in KLCC area. You want to stay here for a longer time? Let me help you find your best home.

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