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Alter 29 Jahre
Beruf IT Consulter

Über Ahmed

This is about me: In fact, I am so interesting to know different people from a round the world. First of all, I start my life from my home country in Sanaa which I graduated my high school there then I traveled to USA to begin my B.S in baltimore Maryland on IT, then I moved to Germany to begin my master degree and Ph.D in Nürnberg city during my studies I was in China in the capital city Beijing as exchange student for one year and also I have been in UK as exchange student as well, finally I got a job in Germany as IT consulter and I am now one of Airbnb host in Nürnberg. I am so happy to have this jobs because really it is amazing when you see people from around the world staying at my apartments. I am looking forward to meet all of you. Best regards Ahmed