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Travel to Dublin for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Haus, Privates Zimmer - Dublin, Irland

ID 594115



Book your mild Hyperbarics at Integrative Therapies Centre for Autism Ireland
We are the only ones in Ireland who provide mild Hyperbarics for children and adults. HBOT is a powerful tool in the treatment of Autism and related conditions. It has anti-inflammatory antibacterial properties that promote healing. Ask us for details & research. HBOT is used worldwide for Medical Aesthetic Sports Purposes Read details below This Combo Package is for 1x 60 min daily HBOT session & stay in Dublin.

@ We are the only HBOT therapy centre in Ireland which performs mild Hyperbarics and accepts young children. Upon our return home to Ireland after a few year stay in California, where mother worked in the area of autism research, we have been disappointed to find out that children with Autism in Ireland do not have access to the effective treatment options which are popular in the other parts of the world. Our primary goal to set up our therapy centre and use HBOT was to help our younger child who has Autism. We tried HBOT on her first, while seeing wonderful results short after our girl commenced this therapy, we decided to offer it to the other clients with ASD, Celebral Palsy, TBI, MS, and the other neurodevelopmental conditions.
@ We use a mild 1.3ATA pressure HBOT. This hyperbaric pressure is well tolerated by both children and adults. HBOT can be combined with another therapy(ies), such as ABA, Speech therapy, auditory integration training, for maximum results, which can take place symultaneously inside the chamber
@ The Combo Package allows you to combine your HBOT treatment with accommodation under one roof, as our therapy centre is adjacent to the house
@ Combo Package offers great savings for you - no need to book a hotel room to attend HBOT sessions. Subject to availability, we may provide accommodation for up to 4 clients at the same time
@ We are located only 20-23 minutes away from the city centre with Dublin's main attractions, Phoenix Park with the ZOO, Botanic Gardens, the National Aquatic Centre, the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, the Leisureplex and the Odeon Movie Theater are within a quick reach by car or by bus
@ Local pubs, restaurants are circa 5 and 20 minutes drive or 15 minutes by bus
@ The sea front in Bray, Howth, Malahide, Dún Laoghaire are circa 30 minutes drive (travel to the seaside is 23 min by train to the Connolly station and from there in the direction of the seaside)
@ We are located only 20 min drive to the airport, 5 min drive to M50, the Ireland's main motorway with an easy access to the sea, mainlands or the Northern Ireland
@ Our local shops, a Dunnes Stores supermarket, an Apple Green petrol station are only 7-10 minutes walk
@ Clonsilla DART/ train station is only 7 minutes on foot. From Clonsilla station you can get directly to the city centre
@ Bus stops with 39, 39a bus lines serving the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and the city centre are on our doorstep.

Hyperbaric Medicine can yield wonderful results and is used worldwide for Medical, Aesthetic and Sports Purposes.

HBOT is a common medical treatment for a wide range of traumatic, acute and chronic deseases & is used to treat all conditions which benefit from increased tissue oxygen availability. While some conditions are successfully treated with mild pressure chambers, others require treatments with high pressure. The length, number of sessions vary, it depends on the condition and the treatment protocol should be consulted with your doctor.
Conditions treated by HBOT:
* Air or Gas Embolism
* Alzheimer's Disease
* Anemia
* Anti-Aging
* Autism
* Cancer
* Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
* Cerebral Palsy
* Chronic Fatigue
* Decompression Sickness
* Diabetes and Selected Wounds
* Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
* Fibromyalgia
* Gas Gangrene
* Glaucoma
* Heart Attack
* Hundington's Disease
* Inflammation
* Intracranial Abscess
* Lyme Disease
* Migraine
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Near Drowning
* Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection
* Neurological Disorders
* Osteoradionecrosis
* Osteomyelitis (Refractory)
* Parkinson's Disease
* Radiation Tissue Damage
* Rehabilitation
* Retinal Artery Occlusion
* Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Skin Grafts and (Compromised) Flaps
* Sports Injuries
* Stroke
* Surgery Recovery
* Thermal Burns
* Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
* Weight Loss

HBOT benefits age-related degenerative conditions by providing cellular aid to all organs in the body to promote health and beauty, particularly effectively in cosmetic and spa treatments for the following effects and benefits:
o Anti-Aging
o Promotes Weight Loss and Muscle Building
o Detoxification
o Rejuvenates Skin and Tissue
o Improves Skin Tone
o Reduces Cellulite and Wrinkles
o Improves Skin Disorders as Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis
o Promotes New Stem Cells Creation
o Increases Energy Levels
o Improves Memory
o Improves Sexual Functions
o Stimulates Hair Growth
o Normalizes Sleep
o Anti-Depression Effects
o Reduces Stress & Anxiety
o Supports Immune System
o Improves Health and Quality of Life
o Promotes Cosmetic Treatment Recovery
o Promotes Healing after Cosmetic Surgery

Injuries caused by sports-related activities are a substantial concern among players, coaches and parents. As inflammation and pain play primary roles with respect to recovery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation and ameliorate pain. Additionally, HBOT can promote fibroblast/collagen activity to accelerate and enhance healing from surgeries and wounds and is currently used by some of the U.S. Olympic Teams to treat sports-related injuries as a part of their official medical techniques and equipment. Studies have demonstrated the benefits of HBOT for sports-related injuries with the following:
o Accelerates Healing from Muscle Strain, Training and Games
o Improves Blood Flow
o Increases Energy, Speed and Endurance
o Accelerated Recovery from Injuries and Surgery
o Decreases "Down-Time"
o Increases Collagen Production
o Reduces Inflammation & Pain
o Faster & Better Recovery from Sprains, Tears, Bone Fractures & Ligament Injuries
o Decreases Susceptibility Towards Reinjuring Target Areas
o Rapid Recovery from Concussions & Head Injuries
o Stimulates Stem Cell Proliferation
o Increases Fibroblast Activation
o Reduces Risk of Infections
Mild chambers have been and are used for Sports Medicine by:
o World Champion Athletes
o Professional and Amateur Athletes
o Football Clubs
o Hockey Clubs
o NFL Players
o Sochi 2014 Olympics
o World Championships in Athletics
o World Combat Games
o Physical Rehabilitation Centers
o Sports Medicine Clinics

Our chamber is fully approved for home use. It incorporates a unique 'flow-through' system that continuously flushes ambient air through the chamber environment, combined with many other fail-safe redundancy features that also regulate the pressure which result in a no risk environment to the occupant. Our chamber is the best natural way to strengthen the immune system of the whole family.
It provides the following benefits:
o Strengthens the Immune System
o Detoxifies
o Relieves Stress
o Improves Sleep
o Improves the Skin
o Increases Energy Levels
o Improves Concentration
o Improves School and Work Performance

To maximise the benefits of your HBO therapy during this Dublin stay, it is possible to purchase an additional session a day, of 60 or 90-minute duration or alter the duration of the 60- minute session included in this booking, giving 120 or 180 euro minute daily treatment.
Your Combo Package allows for the use of the therapy room only during the time of the session ( 70 minutes if the session is 60 minutes, or 100 minutes if the session is 90 minutes, to allow for acclimatisation). Besides, your access is to your bedroom, shared bathroom, kitchen for breakfast and the back yard, weather permitting.
We are happy to answer any question you may have prior to the booking and during your stay with us. We also provide information and advice about the treatment and about Dublin's attractions.

Other things to note


Each Treatment:
60-minute treatment 130euro
10 or more treatments 125 euro
20 or more treatments 120 euro
30 or more treatments 115 euro
40 or more treatments 110 euro x 40 = 4,400 euro

Each Treatment:
90- minute treatment 195 euro
10 or more treatments 190 euro
20 or more treatments 185 euro
30 or more treatments 180 euro
40 or more treatments 175 euro x 40 = 7,000 euro

** Caregiver Price: 20 euro for 60 minutes, 30 euro for 90 minutes per treatment.

Please note, your last invoice will change to the adjusted rate if you do not complete the number of treatments you have signed up for.

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Mietbereich Privates Zimmer
Anzahl Gäste 4
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Anzahl Schlafzimmer 3
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